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My DIY coffin purse and accessories <3

i used a monster high puzzle box and painted it black then added lace and shit and it looks amazing thanks to my mom for help <3

shes not a fan of gothicness or lolitaness but she's not a total chode

i also made some skeleton hand clips in black and white

my hair bow from cute and candy clouds came and omg its so big...im hoping after i wash and blow dry my gross hair i havent washed in 4 days itll poof up and not look so huge on my head if i decide to wear it... i can always sell it i guess

im considering selling my oldschool skirt and burgundy skirt after i wear them a few times in favor of getting more black basic skirts...burgandy is just such a hard color to find shit to match -_- and i feel oldschool might be to out of style

I'll post pics tomorrow along with my outfit for the meet up ^^

Meet up~

Theres going to be a meet up with the Atlanta lolitas to watch kamikaze girls (i love that movie ^^) but i am not sure wixh coord to wear /: I'm super eager to finnally wear my strawberry skirt before summer ends but i dont think it goes with the event...I'd want to wear that to a picnic or for labor day or something...the movie is Oldschool so i thought i'd wear a fancier outfit with the meta skirt even though I just wore it.

This is dumb but no matter how open and nice they seem I'm actually worried that by showing up for the first meet in a black x white old school outfit I'll look like a total noob lol I know what I plan to wear is not ita but its more me feeling like and outfit repeater. I also have an all black lacy jsk I could wear but i'd rather wear that to a fancy event where we'd go out somewhere like a tea house or something


I bought my first Lolita skirt! a strawberry print from Malice Alice on Etsy
now I'm looking for a blouse...but all the ones I like are long sleeved but
I live in georgia and its summer and all the short sleeved blouse's collars
are too big too lacy and just not me /:

i was thinking about making a WTB post on the comm sales but i got there and someone basically was looking for the exact thing i was looking for so meow 

lol idk

Frill bitches!

what luck for the first Lolita fashion convention to come to Atlanta! That's not super far away! me and my boyfriend are gonna go.
I don't have any Lolita clothes yet but this is the perfect opportunity to acquire some... especially since I'm really scared of buying things off the internet, because I cant try them on...but at Frill I can! Also pretty excited about indie brands, its wonderful knowing there are so many talented Lolitas out making original prints and pieces <3 plus I can snag some nice consignment things. I'm hoping to to get skirts, some blouses, shoes, petti and a jsk. (and one of those coffin shaped purses) 

I feel like I'll stick out like a sore thumb not being dressed in Lolita...I don't want to seem ita by just wearing a nice dress.

y'all my body is kind of exploding with excitement and fear omyglob I've never been to a convention before o.o I'm also kinda uncomfortable around people I've never met but I can over come it yo